Cypress Professional Services, Inc.

Cypress Professional Services, Inc.

Cypress is a full service collection agency focused on the collection of medical receivables. The company was formed out of the desires of its principals to create a quality, service oriented healthcare collection agency. The executive management team has over twenty years of healthcare collection experience and is actively involved in quality assurance and delivering client value.

Cypress is licensed throughout various regions in the west, mid-west, and eastern United States. Our office is located in Modesto, California. The company serves a wide spectrum of healthcare clients and has a long list of client references by specialty.

Cypress provides collection and other account receivable management services to over 30 healthcare clients throughout the U.S. regions. Some of our clients include:

  • Medical Billing Companies
  • Surgery Centers
  • Urgent Care Facilities
  • Emergency Medicine Departments
  • Radiology Practices
  • Oncology Practices
  • Multi-specialty Practices
  • Physical Therapy Practices

Cypress is a leading provider of healthcare collection and receivable management services.  The company’s growth has been largely due to client referrals and word of mouth.  CPSI’s successful and long term client retention rate has been in place since inception.

  • 1-855-CYP-TREE